Premium Rubber Base ( 15ml; 30ml )

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PREMIUM BASE - elastic base designed by our educator Natalija Joksimović @koliya_vienna will surely be your favorite.

Perfect for forming the right architecture (does not deform during wearing), self-leveling, does not require fixing.

Great for the classic gel polish technique.

• Has an average viscous consistency.

No or minimal thermal effect. Polymerization time not less than -60 seconds with reduced UV / LED lamp power up to 24W

Prepare nail file buffer and dehydrator.

• The most perfect leveling

• Behaves perfectly in the application process, does not cause difficulties to the technician.

• Does not require the use of primers on non-problematic nails

• Suitable as a base before gel

• Easy to combine with other materials.

• No cracking or separating effect.

- Package of 15ml is with a brush.

- The 30ml package is brushless.