"СтериТ®" 100x200mm - 100kom.

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Kraft packages, self-adhesive paper bags resistant to moisture, air, light.

Steri® are impermeable to microorganisms when closed, and maintain integrity after sterilization by proper storage.

An hour at 180 degrees from the moment the temperature is reached.

INFO: It happens that classic hot sterilizers lose the accuracy of the thermometer after a while and that the sterilizer itself gives a higher or lower temperature, we recommend that you always follow the process the first time you use it and check the indicator on the bag so that the package does not burn.

Product features:

Meet the standards GOST ISO 11607-2011, EN 868;
A Class 1 indicator is applied to the outside of the bag to distinguish sterilized products from non-sterilized ones;
No additional equipment is required for airtight sealing;
Sterility period - 50 days.
The warranty period is 24 months.